As our world becomes more digital, cyber threats continue to evolve into greater concerns for businesses of all sizes. While technological solutions like firewalls and antivirus software may provide some measure of protection, employees often become the weak link when it comes to keeping businesses secure; cybercriminals know this.

In this blog post, we’ll highlight the value of cybersecurity awareness training for employees to protect your organization against cyber attacks.

Human Error

Businesses today face one of the greatest cybersecurity risks from human error; even their most stringent security measures could be breached by one employee clicking a malicious link or downloading infected files – 95% of cybersecurity incidents have their root in human error, according to studies.

Human error examples include:

  • Falling for Phishing Scams
  • Utilizing Weak Passwords
  • Connecting to Unsafe Wi-Fi networks
  • Failing to update software or operating systems
  • Mishandling Sensitive Data.

Data breaches or cyber attacks can have devastating repercussions for any organization, from financial losses to irreparable reputational harm. Therefore, proactive steps must be taken in order to mitigate human error risk.

Awareness Training on cybersecurity essential

Cybersecurity awareness training is an integral component of any comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. By arming employees with the knowledge and abilities they need to identify and respond to cyber threats quickly and appropriately, you can drastically lower human error risks.

Cybersecurity awareness training should cover various subjects, such as:

Identification and mitigation of Phishing emails and social engineering attacks, creating and using strong passwords, using secure Wi-Fi networks rather than public ones and updating software and operating systems as quickly as possible are some key skills necessary for business continuity. Properly handling sensitive information such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Reporting incidents or suspicious activities to the appropriate person/department.

As cyber threats continue to evolve rapidly, ongoing cybersecurity awareness training for employees is paramount in order to keep cybersecurity top of mind and stay aware of new and emerging threats. Simply providing training once annually or when employees come onboarded is insufficient – ongoing training must continue and reinforcement must take place regularly in order to keep people vigilant against new and emerging risks.

Real-World Example

A Ghanaian financial institution was recently compromised with an data breach which exposed customers’ personal and financial details due to an employee clicking on a phishing email, unwittingly giving cybercriminals entry to its network.

If this institution had provided regular cybersecurity awareness training to their employees, phishing scams might have been avoided altogether and customers’ data protected more efficiently. By teaching employees to recognize and avoid them, human error could have been reduced, protecting customers more securely while keeping data at its highest security levels.


Cybersecurity has become an essential element for businesses of all sizes today, from startup firms to enterprises of any scale. While technological solutions may play a part, human error still has the ability to compromise security; by providing regular cybersecurity awareness training sessions for your staff members you can reduce this risk while safeguarding against potential cyber attacks on the organization.

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable against cyber threats: make your employees your first line of defense with cybersecurity awareness training today and protect both themselves and the business!