Published on 22 January 2020

Global Secure Solutions (GSS) has made a groundbreaking move by announcing its partnership with Cloud Range, ushering in a new era in cybersecurity training. Cloud Range, a simulation-based cyber defense training platform, is now offering its unique cyber range simulation experience through this collaboration, providing Security Operations Center (SOC) teams with crucial skills to detect and remediate various cyber-attacks.

GSS, an international information security management firm based in Accra, has joined forces with Cloud Range to address a critical security challenge: the cybersecurity skills shortage. This partnership introduces a virtual cyber range that offers hyper-realistic simulation training, eliminating the need for costly infrastructure and administration. The Cloud Range solution utilizes industry-leading security tools within the virtual environment, allowing teams to train in scenarios that mirror real-world SOC challenges.

Edem Glymin, Head of Cybersecurity at GSS, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting the growing recognition of effective cybersecurity risk management. The collaboration aims to ensure that security operations teams gain live combat skills and combat readiness in responding to complex cyber threats, particularly those targeting organizations in the Africa region.

The acute shortage of security professionals worldwide has led to difficulties in staffing cybersecurity teams, delaying technology adoption and exposing organizations to increased risk. Cloud Range’s simulation training addresses this challenge by ‘manufacturing experience,’ enabling customers to quickly and effectively train SOC operations staff on their virtual cyber range platform.

GSS’s partnership with Cloud Range is set to make a significant impact in Ghana and throughout Africa. The collaboration will not only enhance overall cyber defense preparedness but also create new job opportunities, contributing to closing the cybersecurity skills gap. Debbie Gordon, CEO of Cloud Range, expressed enthusiasm about having Global Secure Solutions as part of the Cloud Range Network, emphasizing the positive impact on cyber defense readiness in the face of the increasing global threat landscape.

For additional details on Cloud Range and Global Secure Solutions’ innovative cybersecurity initiatives, visit GSS.