In terms of technology, humans are in a race to incorporate the newest and popular items and solutions into our life.

We will queue for hours in order to be the first to get a new phone when it is available. On Black Friday, many will camp out to grab a good price on gadgets and smart devices. We make it a point to have the most recent and cutting-edge technology. But why aren’t we using the newest and best behaviors for self-defense?

Ignoring the human factor in cybersecurity is a bad idea that has to be changed. We continue to emphasize the importance of technology above habits.

The Figures

Humans are responsible for 95 percent of cyber-attacks. A data breach costs an average of $4.24 million USD worldwide. According to the IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report for 2021, this is an increase from $3.86 million the prior year. That does not take into consideration the lost trust or reputational harm that a corporation may incur as a consequence of a breach.

The increased frequency of breaches was caused by remote work. It was the pattern of breaches that happened with that company structure in place. This is not to say that remote work is the problem. This is how many successful firms operate. Because companies who were compelled to operate remotely due to the epidemic were unprepared – and so was their crew.

This emphasizes the need of providing your staff with more than just direction.

Guidance in the form of training so that they may operate properly and safely outside of the confines of an office building. We have training programs in place to prepare for fire drills and other catastrophes; why isn’t there training for cybersecurity when the chance of it happening is significantly larger than in these other situations?

Twenty percent of these breaches were caused by compromised credentials. These credentials are associated with a person and their account. Humans must be empowered to improve the firewall that protects the companies for which they work.

Everyone is on board.

How can we persuade corporations to include human behavior as part of the solution? It begins at the top, as with most philosophies. Management must commit to not just preaching but also practicing. Recognizing the need of continuing training in keeping their personnel prepared. When it comes to keeping their companies secure, it is critical to understand that the human aspect may be their greatest advantage rather than their worst liability.

At Global Secure Solutions, we are always working to develop innovative solutions that mitigate the dangers of a data breach for our customers. This includes cybersecurity awareness training and strategies that include behaviors into daily tasks. If you want to learn more, please contact us right away!