Professional Security Services

We possess a unique industry market positioning with an in house team of very qualified consultants who are ready to help you understand and successfully navigate today’s complex security and threat landscape. Implementing and maintaining a secure IT business infrastructure is critical to the growth and success of your business

Incident Management and Response

Organizations are increasingly finding themselves at risk as cyber attacks and intrusions rise. Attacks are becoming more sophisticated, targeted and damaging. Organizations recognize that they must take a proactive stance against unauthorized intrusion and attacks. They must also be ready to respond if an incident does occur to minimize disruption to their business.

Detecting and efficiently responding to incidents requires strong management processes, and managing an incident response team requires special skills and knowledge. Global Secure Solutions incident response team can help resolve computer security incidents. When a suspected security incident takes place, our team handles it in a professional manner that is consistent with local laws and regulations. We concentrate on gathering and maintaining quality evidence for any future legal action.

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Our threat and vulnerability management team will assess your existing security policies and procedures to determine if they meet your organization’s minimum security requirements. We also identify threats and vulnerabilities within your organization’s security architecture and grade them according to the level of risk they pose to your organization. Our team of experienced security professionals will provide recommendations that will minimize your organisation’s attack surface and threat exposure and by assessing and prioritizing the remediation of system and application vulnerabilities to enhance the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your organization’s business information assets.

Our consultants will help your organization address risk and security of your business applications by analyzing internal and external threats to your application infrastructure. Our proven security methods including asset management, application and system patch management will enable us to discover gaps, assess your application security posture and design, in order to enhance the security of all your business application resources.

Security Awareness Training

Your workforce resources in performing their various functions and roles have access to sensitive business information such as product knowledge, customer data, intellectual property, passwords and internal processes.


They can easily fall prey to social engineering, ransomeware and phishing attacks if they are not properly educated on existing and rapidly emerging security threats. We are able to deliver cloud based security awareness training, tailor made to match the exact requirements of your organization’s security training needs. Proper security awareness training will equip your employees with the basic working knowledge they need to identify and understand security risks before they pose a threat to your business by letting attackers in.

Penetration Testing

We can evaluate your organization’s existing network security controls and attempt to exploit your network from an attacker’s perspective. This type of a penetration test involves identifying targets, fingerprinting and identifying vulnerabilities. The outcome of these tests are designed to detect any exploitable weaknesses in your infrastructure before the bad guys start knocking on your doors.

We also assess the security of your web applications infrastructure by focusing on exploitable vulnerabilities, flaws in application architecture, configuration, design and implementation. We also assess and evaluate weaknesses in security controls that can result in privilege escalation, unauthorized access and the overall design of your business applications. We use this information to give you a threat profile of your web application environment and propose controls and remediation activities to safeguard and secure your network and application environment.

Security Operations

Our team of professional security consultants will help you design, implement and manage a security operations centre (SOC) from scratch for your security monitoring, security management and compliance reporting requirements. Our service includes the installation of security technology products, product on boarding and integration, manpower resourcing and training. We are experts in the deployment and integration of SIEM, vulnerability management, antivirus, malware protection and exploit prevention technologies to give your organization visibility into existing and non existing security threats.

The security of your organization is our business

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